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Security Locks

Reduce the risk of your home being burgled by making sure you’ve taken these simple precautions. Security locks are often inexpensive for an efficient result.

Security Locks – Padlocks

Invest in a good padlock. Some padlocks can be keyed alike for convenience. The minimum standards for padlocks include:
– A hardened steel shackle at least 9/32 of an inch. Shrouded shackle and disc locks offer designs that prevent access to the shackle or hide it entirely.
– A brass keyway with a five-pin tumbler.
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– Heel-and-toe double-locking mechanism
– Laminated of extruded brass body. Combination padlocks are generally inferior due to the weakness of the body.

Some locks have a key code number that can be used to duplicate a key. Record and remove that number by filing or defacing it.

Dead-Bolt Security Locks

Equip all single- or double-entrance doors with a single-cylinder dead-bolt lock. The bolt should have a minimum projection of one inch and constructed to foil a cutting tool attack. The bolt should be embedded at least one inch into the strike plate. The cylinder should have a cylinder guard, a minimum five-pin tumbler, and should be connected to the inner portion of the lock by connecting screws. Do not use a double cylinder dead-bolt, as it can impede a quick exit in case of a fire.


A padlock is only as good as the hasp it is securing. The hasp must be of hardened steel and constructed so that the mounting screws are concealed when the hasp is secured.

Chain Security Locks

The minimum standard for approved chain is 5/16 of an inch hardened steel alloy to withstand bolt-cutting attacks. The link should be of continuous welded construction. Alternatives to chains include multi-strand steel cables and U-locks.

Night chains that are attached to the interior of the door and the frame provide false security for someone who partially opens the door, which can be easily forced open from this point.