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Omdurman Burglar Alarms

Many burglars will avoid breaking into a property with an alarm. There are many Omdurman burglar alarms on the market. These range from fairly cheap alarms, which you can fit yourself, to more sophisticated systems, costing hundreds of pounds, which need to be installed by professionals. Low-cost alarms are less reliable and can, through false alarms, be a nuisance to both you and your neighbors.

Omdurman Burglar Alarms

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Consider whether you need an audible-only alarm (which sets off a siren or bell) or a monitored alarm (connected to a central ‘listening’ service). Due to the huge number of false alarms, Omdurman police will only respond to audible alarms if there is confirmation of suspicious activity – such as a neighbor saying they saw someone or heard glass being broken.

For monitored systems, the monitoring company will check whether any alarm was false – for example, set off by the homeowners entering the wrong access code – and call out the police if necessary. Monitored systems are particularly important for isolated properties in Omdurman. If you are thinking about installing a burglar alarm, you should do the following:
– Ask the crime prevention officer at your local police station for advice before you buy an alarm
– Get at least three quotes and specialist advice from companies that supply alarms. Use companies officially registered
– Talk to your insurance company in Omdurman about the alarm companies they recommend before you decide which best suits your needs
– Get professional help to install the alarm and to explain how to operate it correctly to make sure that it will work properly. Remember, an alarm which is not fitted properly can create problems in itself. Don’t fit an alarm yourself unless you have the electrical knowledge and practical skills to do so, it could end up costing you more.

Mark your belongings with your postcode

Marking your belongings may put burglars off as it will make the belongings harder to sell, and can help the police investigate crimes and prosecute criminals in Omdurman.

You can replace some items easily, but marking your property can also help the police to return irreplaceable items if they are found. Items should be visibly and permanently marked showing your postcode in Omdurman and the number of your house or flat or the first two letters of its name for instance.

Only use an ultraviolet marker pen when other methods would reduce the value of the object, because the mark isn’t visible and so might not put Omdurman burglars off or make it more difficult for them to sell the marked item. The marks can also fade.

Take pictures of all valuables like jewelry and silverware and write down the makes, models and serial numbers of your TV, video, DVD, stereo or CD player, home computer, camera equipment and so on. This will help the Omdurman police identify them if they are stolen. You may want to consider keeping valuable items, such as jewelry, in a safe.

Ask your local police station for advice on how to get stickers to display in the front and back windows of your home to show that you have marked your belongings.

New belongings
Don’t leave empty boxes outside your home – they can give away details of new and valuable equipment, which may be attractive to burglars in Omdurman.

Don’t buy crime
Never buy property that you think might be stolen, no matter how tempting the bargain.
– You will be dealing in someone else’s misery
– The money you pay is likely to be used to buy drugs
– It’s a crime in Omdurman, punishable by up to 10 years in jail