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Neighborhood Watch in Lilongwe

A component to reducing criminal activity involves a concerted effort by neighbors to know each other and to form a Program of Neighborhood Watch in Lilongwe. In conjunction with the previous four elements, the concept that people who work together toward a common cause (i.e. reducing crime) who care about each other, and who know what normal activities take place in their neighborhood deter opportunistic criminals. They are aware of how and when to report suspicious activity to the Police Department.

What is Neighborhood Watch in Lilongwe?

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The success of a Neighborhood Watch Program in Lilongwe relies on a team effort between communities and law enforcement. Enlisting the basic principal of sharing a genuine concern for each other and projecting a neighborly attitude makes it easier to address issues in your neighborhood.

One thing that the program is NOT is a guard duty. Participants learn how to proactively apply prevention techniques and how to report suspicious activity. The sense of community spirit and the ability to help reduce crime in Lilongwe creates incentive to maintain the program and invite new members to join. It also encourages all residents to schedule a Residential Security Consultation with their Crime Prevention Specialist to assess security vulnerabilities in and around their homes.

Who Should Participate in Neighborhood Watch in Lilongwe?

Neighborhood Watch Programs can be established in all types of communities where residents want to join together to help keep their streets safe. Whether they reside in areas with single family detached homes, multi-housing dwellings, mobile home parks, or condominiums, neighbors in Lilongwe can share in the peace of mind that an active Watch Program can provide. The Crime Prevention Specialist at your local station or substation can explain how easy it is to plan one and will provide the invitations for you to distribute to your neighbors.

In order to be effective and to encourage the sharing of information, the Police Crime Prevention Unit recommends holding a meeting at least once a year. At these meetings, the attendees with learn about the latest crime statistics, crime trends, and crime prevention techniques in Lilongwe. These meetings also often provide an opportunity to meet the beat deputy or hear a presentation on a topic that is applicable to your community. Many groups have a block party and potluck to encourage more people to attend.