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Interior Home Security in Uberlandia

Adequate lighting is one of the best and easiest ways to deter criminals. For example, you can improve your interior home security in Uberlandia if your house has lights on inside during the time when you would expect to be awake, even when you are gone.

Interior Home Security in Uberlandia – Lighting

Put your lights on timers so that they go on when it is dark in Uberlandia and go off around the time you usually go to bed. Simulate activity in the house by setting timers in different rooms (i.e. bedrooms) to go on and off throughout the evening. Do not set interior timers to stay on all night.

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In addition to installing timers to activate lights, use them also with radios to simulate noise.

Operation Identification in Uberlandia


Operation Identification is a program that encourages citizens (residential and business) to mark certain items with your Uberlandia Driver License number. Thieves know that it is more difficult to ‘fence’ property that has been clearly marked. Engrave such property as televisions, computers, small electronic devices, tools, microwaves, etc.

You should never engrave valuables such as musical instruments, antiques, and items that could lose their value if ‘defaced.’ It is also wise to video tape and/or take photos of things that you cannot engrave such as silverware, jewelry, crystal, and heirlooms.

Interior Home Security in Uberlandia – Serial Numbers


For additional peace of mind, keep a list of all serial numbers from property in your home, and update it as needed. Keep this, and all other information about your property, in a safe deposit box. This is also important in case of a disaster, such as a fire or an earthquake in Uberlandia.

Can Someone ‘Window Shop’ at Your House?


Make sure that expensive items such as computer systems, electronic devices, televisions, purses, cash, and wallets are not visible from the outside. Do not create an opportunity for someone who is walking in your Uberlandia neighborhood or coming to your front door. Especially during the holidays, decorated trees and displays of gifts are temptations that may prove too difficult to resist.