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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems should be planned as part of an overall home security strategy. Keeping in mind that physical security is the most important element in regard to your home, even the most intricate security system will fail if the structure is left unlocked or the alarm is not working or activated.

Alarm Systems

Before investing in an alarm system, you should obtain at least three estimates and get ideas about what will meet your needs and lifestyle. Check with the Alarm Unit of the state.

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Although there is no ideal system that can be recommended for everyone, a few basics apply. For instance, every exterior opening, including those on the upper level, should be alarmed. The system should combine perimeter and interior sensors and should have a battery back-up.

Remember: You want your alarm system to activate before someone enters your home and not after they are inside and walking around. By concentrating on exterior crime prevention techniques, you will protect your interior.

Know How the Alarm System Works

Is it hard-wired or wireless-remote? What is the unit’s frequency and what else is operating on that frequency? Does is use magnetic contact points on the openings, and which doors and windows are included if it does? Are there motion or noise sensors, and are you aware of common causes of false alarms, including insects and pets?

Become Familiar with the Alarm System Features

Has the alarm company thoroughly explained all of your system’s workings with you? Is there a hidden panic button or code? You should be aware that no alarm activation goes directly to a law enforcement agency, but rather uses a phone line to call the monitoring company.

At that point, the company notifies the police department on the non-emergency phone line and waits for assistance. What about the maintenance of the system and a required battery back-up? If you are out of town and your system malfunctions, what plans are in place with the company?

False Alarms

Having an alarm on your premises requires accepting responsibility for false alarms. Not only are they potentially dangerous and wasteful, they are subject to penalty fines. Every year there is nearly 10,000 false alarms in the area of.